Oh No they Didn't

VZ gangsters featured in the TV commercial

Featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, are the Venezuelan gangsters. These gangsters are a small faction who have been paid by Ramon Solano to work for him and stop the Mercenaries anyway they can. They all wear white suits, shirts, pant and hats and sometimes they have black overalls and carry around the machine pistol mostly, but some can occasionally be found using a shotgun. They could belong to Ramon Solano's Old Drugs Cartel, which he headed before taking the Presidency of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Some of them are used for protection, while others are used for transporting Sports Cars and other objects. Some of them have been marked as HVTs for certain factions such as the PLAV, Allied Nations and the People's Liberation Army.


Rogue Assassin vs. gangsters

Gangster HVT

The gangsters are not very numerous and there are very few places where they can be found. The first time they are encountered is after Solano leaves his villa, he hires 5 of them to protect it, the merc then storms the villa, kills all 5 of them, and moves on to capture the villa and make it their new Private Military Company HQ.There is tons of money in 25,000 and 5,000 dollar bundels near there position. There are more of them located at other areas. The area with the most of them is in the far south-west part of the Amazonas. There are atleast more than 20 located here and one is an HVT. Also located in that area are many Sports Cars. There are a few more gangster HVTs located at the strip mine, usually loacted at the very top of the cliffs, overlooking the operations being conducted by the VZ. Although they are not soldiers, they are still extremely dangerous, especially when encountered in large groups, due to their machine pistols containing lots of ammo and having a very high rate of fire they can all pound a huge amount of damage into you very quickly if you're not careful. They can still operate vehicles and use emplaced weapons just like regular soldiers and take the same amount of damage to kill.


  • Their first appearance was on the "On no you didn't" commercial who can be seen in the picture at the top of this page and the official video.

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