Dae Kim, also known as the Two of Spades, is a member of Song's special forces squad during Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

ExOps bioEdit

Name: Dae Kim
"As with most of General Song's elite special forces, little is known of Dae Kim's origins. As a member of Song's personal retinue, she received the best training her country had to offer, though it is not on par with American or British special forces training."


Dae Kim is protected by several NK Elites, an (unmanned) Sungri Scout, two (grounded) MD-500 Scouts, several MD-500 Scout helicopter patrols and two SA-8 Anti-Air vehicles.

Kim can be found in the Northern Province of North Korea, along with the Hearts, but she and the other Spades can only be verified after the Ace of Hearts contract has been completed.

Her exact location is far south-south-east of Farm Valley, in between the road joining Chongju and Yongbyon Reactors and then to the south-east. The Ten of Spades is north and slightly west of her.

E-mail messageEdit

Sender: Fiona Taylor

Subject: Dae Kim, the 2 of Spades

"Buford just gave us another card. Dae Kim, the 2 of Spades, is the lowest ranking member of Song's all-female special forces squad. Lowest-ranking, but still very well trained and probably one of the most lethal operatives you've yet to encounter. Buford says she's been spotted just south of Farm Valley, but he won't give me specific coordinates."

Deck of 52 in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction
Clubs TwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEightNineTen
Diamonds TwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEightNineTen
Hearts TwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEightNineTen
Spades TwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEightNineTen

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