Su-yeong Kim, also known as the Three of Clubs, is a recruitment officer responsible for recruiting most of the bodyguards and men used by Dung Hwango's operation during the events of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

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Name: Su-yeong Kim
"Kim is little more than a thug. Responsible for recruiting most of the bodyguards and strong arm men used by Dung Hwangbo's operation. Kim has no formal education or military training. Instead, he relies on his own physical strength and willingness to kill without hesitation anyone who might interfere with his masters' plans."

In-game Edit

The e-mail regarding Kim's location is received from a Chinese intel officer. The message states that Kim is located south of Pyongyang, across the river and that he is a grunt and strong-arm man, but will most likely run as soon as he sees the mercenary. More precisely he located west of the Allied M.A.S.H., near the bridge leading to Nampo.

There is sometimes a battle between PLA and KPA forces here. Keep driving around there and then turn left and head east, eventually the road starts to rise and a small section of dirt on the left side of the road will be smooth, this dirt road leads to Kim.

Kim is located in a small area overlooking the river from a cliff. First there are sandbag barricades with two KPA soldiers and a small bunch of crates behind them which Kim is hiding behind. There is also a BRDM scout right next to Kim with a KPA soldier in the gunner's position who should be taken out first, as it is the biggest threat. There is also a Sungri scout next to the cliff with another soldier next to it who should be taken out next.

After that soldier and the one near Kim have been killed, next should be the card himself. He is armed with a light machine gun and should be dealt with quickly then verified. Note that there is a large underground bunker behind where Kim is located, however no vehicles or infantry will be deployed out of it.

Kim has a bounty of $25,000 alive or $12,500 dead.

Trivia Edit

  • Kim is the only member of Division 39 who is neither a businessman nor responsible for some sort of military operation.
  • Kim is the only member of the entire Deck of 52 who has no formal education or military training.
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