The stockpile is a tab in the mercenary's PDA in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames in which the player can select vehicles, supply drops and airstrikes. Once you access it there are three other tabs to select: Airstrikes, Vehicles, and Supplies.

From the Airstrikes tab, you can call in:

  • Artillery strikes
  • Attacker jet bomb drops
  • Missile strikes

From the Vehicles tab you can call Ewan to deliver vehicles, there are 5 different sub-categories:

  • Unarmed
  • Light Military
  • Heavy Military
  • Boats
  • Helicopters

From the supplies tab you can call in a Ewan to drop various supply drops.


  • The more airstrike munitions the player accumulates in the stockpile, the more airstrikes will be seen inside the PMC, there seems to be a limit in the amount of displayed airstrikes inside the PMC (probably so that it can be completely stuffed with airstrike munitions).

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