The Sport Bike is a Civilian vehicle featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Sport Bike is one of the fastest land vehicles in the game, and as a result the handling is not great. It is classified as a civilian vehicle. It is very easy to obtain by hijacking one from someone driving past the PMC or in almost any city, most easily found driving around Maracaibo and the Maracaibo Coast Highway.

Like any motorcycle, the player can perform a wheelie while driving with the sport bike by holding back on the left analog stick while accelerating. The player can also do a front-wheelie by pushing the left analog stick forward while braking.


The sport bike is very useful for getting around very quickly. The player will have limited access to the sport cars at the start of the game, but the sport bike is very fast and is extremely common meaning the player can simply steal one and be able to drive anywhere very quickly.

Real-life VersionEdit

The Sport Bike is based on the Kawasaki Ninja.

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