The SA-8 Anti-Air is a North Korean mobile surface-to-air missile anti-air vehicle featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The SA-8 Anti-Air is a relatively large and brown six wheeled vehicle that is well armored, and carries two people.

The driver has no control over the weapon system, and therefore is vulnerable to attack when driving without a gunner. The surface-to-air launchers themselves have a 60 degree attack range, allowing them to attack only air units within this small radius. It is vulnerable to attacks from the ground, making it an easy target in almost any situation. The missiles however, are highly dangerous when they hit their target, destroying attack choppers with ease.

The SA-8 has a medium overall top speed, and can only survive small amount of anti-tank fire. The heavy bulk of the SA-8 can be a good thing, however, as it never flips while turning, and is quite stable over uneven ground. The SA-8 is an unwise choice for missions where speed and anti-air capability are a must, where the AN M1027 Anti-Air is a much wiser choice for speed, whilst maintaining considerable anti-air capability. However, the SA-8 is useful in situations where you need some anti-air capabilities while remaining disguised in North Korean occupied areas.

When the player destroys a SA-8 Anti-Air, $15,000 is added to their account.

Real lifeEdit

The SA-8 is based on the Soviet 9K33 Osa, a highly mobile, low-altitude, short-range tactical surface-to-air missile system. Its GRAU designation is "9K33" and its NATO reporting name is SA-8 Gecko.

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