Omertà is the fifth contract for the Russian Mafia and the second for them in the second quarter of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. The contract takes place in various areas around the Southern Province of North Korea.


The contract Omertà involves eliminating four selected targets accused of being spies against the Russian Mafia.

The first target is an Allied Nations officer who is making a speech in nearby Northern Pyongyang.

The second target is a North Korean prisoner who is being transported by a K1025 Scout to a waiting helicopter in Downtown Pyongyang. The third target, a South Korean  officer, can be terminated at the same time as the second target; the officer is overseeing the transfer of the NK prisoner from the car to the helicopter.

The fourth and final target is a Chinese tank commander. The tank commander is in the gunner's seat of a Type 80 tank on patrol around Nampo.


  1. Terminate Allied officer
  2. Terminate NK prisoner
  3. Terminate SK officer
  4. Terminate Chinese tank commander

BONUS: Kill all targets covertly (After receiving an E-mail from Josef)

Supplies & support givenEdit

The player is given as support or supplied with:

  • One (1) - Sniper Supply Drop - Free (After receiving an E-mail from Josef)

The contractEdit

After accepting the contract, the player will shortly receive an e-mail from Josef that asks that they terminate the targets 'quietly' for an additional payment. A Sniper Supply Drop can then be ordered at no cost to the player to assist them in completing the contract.

The value of the contract is $45 000, plus an additional $50 000 for completing the bonus condition. The total value of the contract is $95 000, excluding any penalty charges from killing Civilians or Allied Nation peace keepers.


  • Killing the Allied officer will result in a deduction of $25 000 from the player's account, even if done undetected, thereby reducing the value of the contract to effectively $20 000, or $70 000 if the bonus condition is also completed.
  • This is one of the few contracts to have an accented character in the title, in this case the grave 'à' in Omertà.

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