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The Monster Trucks are a group of large vehicles available to buy in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


As the name indicates, the Monster Trucks are a group of lifted, high-powered trucks with reasonable speed and excellent off-road capability. They also have a hidden ability: the ability to drive over and crush smaller vehicles, which will destroy them. Caution is advised while doing this as it may destroy your monster truck.

These vehicles cost $20.0K to buy from the Pirates.


The following models are available in the Monster Truck drop:

  • Kodiak - Based off of the Summit SUV. It is painted green and has a supercharger.
  • Cougar - Identical to the Kodiak, except that it is pink and decorated with cougar paw-prints all over its bodywork.
  • Hurricane - Based on UP's Raven, it is painted in an eye-catching (if ugly) combination of ocean blue, lime green, and white. It has blue wheels. Unlike the Raven, the Hurricane is not equipped with a mounted gun or the distinctive pushbar.

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