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Merchant of Menace is an online black market store operated by the Russian Mafia.


Accessed in the PDA, the player can select one of the available support options and add it into the support menu, much like those given by factions upon starting a contract.

The prices of items is directly related to a player's standing with the faction while a hostile relationship will lock access, replacing the home page with a bribe button. Proving this bribe will instantly unlock the shop

Once an item is selected a red smoke bomb is given. Once thrown, a Russian Mafia helicopter carries the load with its winch and arrives in about fifteen seconds and drops it where the beacon was placed.


S. Korean K1025 Scout Delivery

"As used by the border patrol"
— Store caption
  • $20,000

Mafia Technical (MG) Delivery

"Machine-gun Armed Pickup"
— Store caption
  • $16,000

Civilian Car Delivery

"Pre-owned local vehicle"
— Store caption
  • $4,000

Chinese BJ2020 Scout Delivery

"Command and control scout car"
— Store caption
  • $12,000

N. Korean Sungri Scout Delivery

"Authentic military 'surplus'"
— Store caption
  • $9,600

N. Korean Transport Delivery

"Military transport"
— Store caption
  • $8,000

H3 Delivery

"Hot off the assembly line!"
— Store caption
  • $24,000

Allies UH-60 Delivery

"Includes full crew!"
— Store caption
  • $52,000

Chinese Fuel Truck Delivery

"Full tank of military-grade fuel included"
— Store caption
  • $16,000

S. Korean K966 Scout Delivery

"Anti-tank recon vehicle"
— Store caption
  • $32,000

N. Korean BRDM Scout Delivery

"Armored recon vehicle"
— Store caption
  • $32,000

N. Korean BTR APC Delivery

"Light wheeled APC"
— Store caption
  • $20,000

Press Truck Delivery

"Hold your own press conference!"
— Store caption
  • $16,000

Mafia (AT) Delivery

"TOW-armed Pickup"
— Store caption
  • $24,000

Chinese Type 89 APC Delivery

"The APC with attitude"
— Store caption
  • $40,000

N. Korean BMP APC Delivery

"The go-anywhere APC"
— Store caption
  • $60,000

Allied M1126 APC Delivery

"Ultimate off-road capability"
— Store caption
  • $32,000

Mafia SUV Delivery

"Armed and armored SUV"
— Store caption
  • $28,000

S. Korean K200 APC Delivery

"Protect your precious cargo"
— Store caption
  • $48,000

Baggage Car Delivery

"A great gag gift!"
— Store caption
  • $8,000

Civilian Street Racer Delivery

"High-performance and high-style"
— Store caption
  • $20,000

Allied M1027 Anti-Air Delivery

"Get anti-air where you need it"
— Store caption
  • $28,000

N. Korean MD-500 Delivery

"Perfect for lightning-fast attacks"
— Store caption
  • $92,000

Mafia Technical (GL) Delivery

"Say hello to our little friend!"
— Store caption
  • $28,000

Chinese Type 95 Anti-Air Delivery

"Not just anti-air, it's anti-everything!"
— Store caption
  • $80,000

Mafia VIP

"True European style"
— Store caption
  • $28,000

N. Korean ZSU-57 Anti-Air Delivery

"Twice the fun of ordinary AA!"
— Store caption
  • $52,000

Mafia MD-530 Delivery

"Fly free. . . For a price!"
— Store caption
  • $76,000


Demolitions Supply Drop

Allies Supply Drop

Russian Supply Drop

Chinese Supply Drop

Sniper Rifle Drop

Covert Supply Drop

Vehicle Ammo Drop

Anti-Air Rocket Drop

Vehicle Repair Drop

Anti-Tank Rocket Drop

Sniper Supply Drop

Medical Supply Drop

Advanced Weapons Drop

Special Weapons Drop

Vehicle Support Drop

Air StrikesEdit

Surgical StrikeEdit

2,000lbs of laser-guided love


Artillery StrikeEdit

A gift from our friends across the boarder!


Cluster BombEdit

A hoarde of soldiers facing you down?


Strategic Missile StrikeEdit

A blast from the past!


Gunship Support IEdit

Laser targeting required


Bunker Buster BombEdit

Laser-guided megabomb!


Stealth Fighter AttackEdit

They'll never see it coming


Gunship Support IIEdit

Laser targeting required


Artillery BarrageEdit

A gift from our friends across the boarder!


Artillery BombardmentEdit

A gift from our friends across the boarder!


Air SuperiorityEdit

Our forecast: clear skies ahead


Tank BusterEdit

Clear out a whole roadway!


Cruise Missile StrikeEdit

The high-tech solution to any problem


Gunship Support IIIEdit

Laser targeting required


Fuel-Air BombEdit

The economical alternative to a nuke


Carpet BombEdit

Satellite coordinates required



  • When you call in a support package, an MD-530 Scout will come drop it in. If you order a vehicle, an Mi-26 will come drop it.

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