Mafia-Warehouse-Sabotage Screenshot-1

Fire in the hole!

"I have a job for you."
— Chinese officer

Mafia Warehouse Sabotage is a timed and multi stage difficulty challenge contract offered by the Chinese officer in Yongbyon in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

In-game informationEdit

"I need help creating a diversion. Blowing up the cargo trucks in the Yongbyon industrial zone should do the job. You up for it?
1. Destroy goal: 5, 9, 13
2. Time goal: 10:00
Reward: $10,000, $20,000, $30,000
Raise mood: China
— Chinese officer before accepting the challenge

Contract conditionsEdit

The contract will be cancelled if:

  • The player fails to destroy the require amount of trucks before the time limit expires (10:00 minutes or personal best)

The contract is completed when all the:

  • Cargo trucks are destroyed


Mafia-Warehouse-Sabotage Screenshot-2

Location of the cargo trucks (yellow markers).

The Chinese officer who offers the contract can be found behind the multi-story buildings at the south of Yongbyon in the Northern Province of North Korea.

The player will not lose mood from the Russian Mafia if they destroy the cargo trucks, even in direct sight of the Mafia Thugs guarding the cargo trucks. The player will however, lose mood if they kill any Mafia Thugs, including from the explosion of the trucks.

The player can commandeer or order a vehicle, drive over to area and destroy the cargo trucks using small arms fire, explosives or any other method they choose. If Russian Mafia Thugs are near the cargo trucks, the player may wish to drive the cargo trucks away from them and then blow them up to avoid damaging their mood with the Russian Mafia in case any Thugs are killed by the explosion. Note that NPCs (Non-Player Characters) will run away from a vehicle on fire and about to explode.

Grunt levelEdit

The player has ten minutes, from accepting the contract, to destroy all five cargo trucks parked in pre-selected points around the industrial area.

Solider levelEdit

The same as the previous level, except the player is required to destroy nine cargo trucks in the same amount of time with a greater reward of $20 000. The raise mood for China still applies.

Elite levelEdit

The same as the previous level, except the player is required to destroy thirteen cargo trucks in the same amount of time with a greater reward of $30 000. The raise mood for China still applies.

After completing the Elite level of this challenge, the player can attempt it again, however the time limit will be reduced to the player's personal best.

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