The M1126 APC is an Allied Nations armored personnel carrier, or APC, featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


Featuring 8-wheel drive, making it more suitable for off-road terrain and featuring heavier armor, making it invulnerable to light small arms fire compared to the lighter M1025 Scout, however, heavy fire (such as tank shells and rockets) still pose a threat to this vehicle.

It sports a .50 calibre machine gun as a primary armament, which is effective against infantry and light vehicles. The gun is remote controlled, and only the gunner's head is visible which gives him more protection from enemy fire compared to other vehicles. The M1126 sports a green/forest camouflage scheme like most AN vehicles.


M1126 APC

This vehicle can be found in the M1126 APC delivery drop for a minimum of $32 000, or it can be found around the AN HQ in the Southern Province after the completion of the first Ace Contract.

NOTE: This vehicle cannot be found in the Northern Province with the exception of ordering it.

Real LifeEdit

The M1126 is based on the real life M1126 "Stryker."

The real life M1126 is used as a troop/cargo transport, yet the one in the game is used more as a fast attack vehicle, making it more of an armored personnel carrier (APC) or infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) than a transport vehicle.

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