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Evasive Maneuvers

"You've been a valuable asset. Now that I'm in charge, I'll make good use of you. Starting with this."
— Josef

Loose Ends is the twelfth and last contract for the Russian Mafia. It takes place in the Northern Province of North Korea during the fourth and last quarter of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The contract involves locating the traitor Sergei, with the bonus of killing him, then protecting the Mafia HQ and locating and verifying the Jack of Spades.


  1. Locate Sergei
  2. Locate the Jack of Spades
  3. Verify the Jack of Spades

BONUS: Kill Sergei

Supplies & support givenEdit

The player is supplied with or given as support:

  • Nothing

The contractEdit

Loose-Ends Screenshot-2

Location of Sergei (blue marker)

"Josef has a good idea where Sergei is hiding, but I don't have a fix on his exact position."
"I'll find him, don't worry."
Fiona and Mattias

The player first must go to Sergei's position marked on the map. Upon reaching the area, guarded by two ZSU-57 Anti-Air armored vehicles and an SA-8 Anti-Air vehicle, Sergei will flee the area and the player will have a bonus option of chasing him down and killing him. Meanwhile the Mafia HQ in Yongbyon is under attack by Colonel Kon Lee's forces.

The player will have limited time to reach the HQ and destroy the forces before the HQ is destroyed which will end the contract. There will be elite NK soldiers, T-62 tanks, BMP APCs and other armored vehicles attacking the HQ.

The Jack of Spades will be inside a BMP APC. If the vehicle is destroyed the Jack will be killed. If the player wishes to capture the Jack without killing him, they must hijack the vehicle and then subdue the Jack once he is out of the vehicle.

Once the Jack is verified, either by photograph or by capture, the contract ends and the player is rewarded with cash and intel.

The value of the contract is the value of the face card which is $300 000 alive or $150 000 dead. The bonus condition is valued at $100 000. A total value of $400 000 is achievable.

E-mail messagesEdit

Message 1Edit

Sender: Fiona Taylor

Subject: Contract: 'Loose Ends'

"ExOps offered to send a Collections Agent after Sergei, but I told them you'd prefer to take on things personally. Nabbing the Jack is just icing on the cake."

Message 2Edit

Sender: Fiona Taylor

Subject: Updated Contract: 'Loose Ends'

"If the Mafia HQ is destroyed there won't be anybody around to pay us. Odds are the Jack is behind the attack--verify him, and the North Koreans are sure to retreat."


The player enters the Mafia HQ.
"You've been a valuable asset. Now that I'm in charge, I'll make good use of you. Starting with this."
— Josef
"Sergei's run out of places to hide. He is meeting with Colonel Kon Lee at one of our outposts, probably to arrange his escape. Make sure he doesn't. Ah, and in case you have forgotten, this Kon Lee is your Jack of Spades. Misha will give you all the details you need."
— Josef
"It is a pity we couldn't work together like this before. This is how it should have been."
— Josef
"Now we exploit the 'reconstruction.' No work for a Mercenary, I'm afraid"
— Josef
"But there will be other opportunities. We'll work together again. I guarantee it."
— Josef
The player exits the Mafia HQ.
"Josef has a good idea where Sergei is hiding, but I don't have a fix on his exact position."
"I'll find him, don't worry."
Fiona and Mattias
"I wonder if Josef was planning this from the start?"
"No, but once Sergei turned on him, it has to end this way."
—Fiona and Mattias
The player approaches Sergei.
"There's our boy"
— Fiona
If the player kills Sergei.
"Too bad Sergei."
— Mattias
The player approaches the Mafia HQ.
"If I alert Allied command they'll flatten the whole city. You'll have to do it on your own"
— Fiona
"I just got word from Josef--that Allied tank you stole is ready for action."
— Fiona
If the player enters the previously captured Allied M1 Tank and destroys an enemy.
"I love this tank."
— Mattias
If the NK destroy the Mafia HQ
"Oh no! The North Koreans have destroyed the HQ!"
— Fiona
If the player captures Kon Lee.
"Lee's been verified. You win again."
— Fiona
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Bold denotes ace contracts.
Italics denote contracts that require the player to verify a face card (King, queen or jack).

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