The Little Dimba is a common jet-ski used by the Pirates in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Little Dimba is a very useful jet-ski. It can be found anywhere around the Pirate islands and the player will always see at least one driving around the islands. The Little Dimba is fast, easy to handle and very cheap to order.

Due to it being a Pirate vehicle if the player becomes disguised, every other faction in the game will open fire on the player, so beware.


The major downsides are that it has very low armor and can be destroyed very easily and very fast under heavy machine gun fire and is destroyed almost instantly by any explosives. The best use of the Little Dimba is to simply get to places very fast while not in combat.

Real lifeEdit

The Little Dimba is likely based off of any generic personal water craft.

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