The Iguana MG is a Venezuelan Army light scout and patrol vehicle featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


"Why pay too much for a civilian SUV when there are plenty of surplus VZ vehicles available?"
— In-game description

The Iguana MG is a reliable vehicle for travelling, patrolling and light fire support for infantry.

The Iguana MG sets itself apart from its PLAV counterpart, the Corales MG with its lack of spikes, barbed wire, reinforcements and a Venezuelan Army camouflage scheme, plus a flag on the hood.


The Iguana MG is a light scout and patrol vehicle suited only for travelling, patrolling outposts, performing basic reconnaissance and light fire support for infantry. Its armor is weak and can easily be destroyed by machine gun fire and explosives. Its .50cal MG is effective against infantry and light vehicles, but cannot damage heavier vehicle such as armored personnel carriers.

The Inguana MG is fast and agile, making it suitable as a hit-and-run or as a getaway vehicle. It is also cheap, making it an expendable asset to the player.

Real LifeEdit

The Iguana MG is based on the M151 MUTT.


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