Escort Service (Chinese) is the fourth contract for the Chinese and the first for them in the second quarter of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The contract involves escorting a Chinese officer to Chinese occupied Haeju, with the bonus objective of destroying a North Korean outpost along the way.


  1. Find Chinese officer
  2. Escort officer to Haeju

2a. Death of the officer will result in contract cancellation

BONUS: Destroy the NK outpost along the way

Supplies & Support GivenEdit

  • Artillery Strike x1 - Free
  • Artillery Barrage - $80 000
  • Chinese BJ2020 Scout Delivery - $9 600
  • Chinese Supply Drop - $4 800

The ContractEdit

This contract involves locating and escorting a Chinese officer to Haeju. The officer is marked on the map on the road next to the NK Artillery base, with the NK outpost just down the road.

A North Korean roadblock is set up on the intersection of the road towards Nampo, Allied MASH and the NK Artillery Base. The roadblock is comprised of several NK troops and a T-54 tank. Two Sungri Scout's patrol the road past the roadblock and the NK outpost. There is a SA-8 Anti-Air vehicle past the NK Roadblock and the NK outpost.

It is not recommended to do this contract via helicopter because of the anti-air weapons, plus the SA-8 at the Outpost and the SA-8 that can target the player from the NK Artillery Base.

The value of the contract is $80 000 plus an additional $20 000 for the completion of the bonus objective.

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Bold denotes ace contracts.
Italics denote contracts that require the player to verify a face card (King, queen or jack).

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