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The City Bus is a civilian vehicle featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The city bus is very slow, but when pushed to the limit, it can reach a moderate top speed. As expected for a vehicle of this size, the Bus' handling is terrible.

The City Bus can rarely be found in Merida. It can often be obtained with the Utility Vehicle airdrop, which is available from the Pirates.


The use of the City Bus is limited, but its large carrying capacity makes it useful for transporting allies past enemies by utilizing the civilian disguise. The player should not use this vehicle if he/she is in a hurry.


  • This bus can be found in Eva's Garage, but cannot be driven.
  • The buses' destination is Plaza Bolivar.
  • There is a glitch (Xbox 360 version) where, when getting the bus from the Pirates' Utility Vehicle drop, the mercenary will be unable to enter it. The steering wheel icon will still be visible, but the "Enter Vehicle" prompt will not appear. In this instance, the player is advised to destroy the bus to get some of their fuel back.

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