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• 1/5/2019

Grenade pickup glitch

something i found in Mercs:POG while attacking an NK bunker, testing the shotgun, i saw the words, 'pick up grenades' so i picked them up, and now i have 12 lethal grenades, but no flashes (please note, it doesn't bother me one bit) i don't know what caused it, but i think it had to do with a crate or killing a nk soldier right after he hopped in a turret.

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• 12/8/2018

Beta / Alpha Unseen Vehicles

Saw some vehicles in the background of Alpha and Beta screenshots. A variation of the chinese scout car, a North Korean MLRS, and a Russian Mafia Mil Mi-28. Thought these were neat. Anybody got anymore?

Post image
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• 11/27/2017

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• 12/9/2016

The "Broadside"

The Courser SUV page says the following:
"This vehicle is also available with a PMC disguise as the Broadside."
This is the only mention of the Broadside SUV on the whole wiki. Anyone have any ideas where to get it? If it's a Playstation exclusive like the Serrano light tank? I want to investigate this further and give the vehicle its own page if possible.
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• 5/12/2016

Allies or China?

I can't decide whether I want to fight with the Allied Nations or the People's Liberation Army. Who do you think?
I like to fight with the morally just factions in video games, but in Mercenaries 2, the morals are blurred. I'm leaning towards China because I strongly dislike UP, and I'm not a fan of this new corrupt oil-seeking iteration of the Allies. Plus, they betray you at the end of the game.
The hard part is that even though the Allies/UP team are worse morally, they seem to have the better technology, (Like the Mantis Light Tank or the Diplomat Heavy Tank, not to mention Allied fixed-wing aircraft.)
One of the main things that sway me towards them is that they strongly resemble the Allies from the Command and Conquer series, of which I am a hugely massive fan of. I play for the Allies in that series.
I like it when the M1 Abrams appears in fiction, but if I pick China I'll have to fight against it.
This may seem like it doesn't matter to most people, but it matters to me: Livery. The Allied Nations vehicle have a green camouflage scheme and that's it, no other decals denoting their allegiance like in Mercenaries 1. But the Chinese vehicles have their roundel, and the Chinese flag itself can be found on their
vehicles sometimes, not to mention the fact that the white/green camouflage scheme is much better looking in my opinion than the green/brown scheme of the Allies.
Overall, is China/PLAV better morally? I think I'll go with the better morals no matter what the Allies do or have.
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• 5/9/2016

Does anyone have any idea where the Emissary Semi is?

I play on PC and I've found a location for every vehicle in the game, or made one by purchasing it, but I can't find the Emissary Semi anywhere. If you remember seeing it somewhere could you tell me where? Also what mission did you do right before that, because I noticed that spawns in the game are affected by mission progress.
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• 1/7/2017

New concept art about Mercenaries 3.

Hello. I got nostalgia after playing Just Cause 3 and started looking up on this wiki. I saw the Mercenaries 3: No Limits demo and tried to dig up anything I could. I found this blog spot link when googling "Mercenaries 2 concept art" and was amazed to find this.
This guy, COURT CHU, worked on the entire series as a concept artist.
He talks about the pro-military view of current pop-culture and not the series, unfortunately.
So I'm going to speculate on what the art is showing.
-Mercenaries 3: No Limits was to take place in at least some of the United States, showing the mercenaries in Hollywood, Washington D.C. and NASA HQ in Florida.
-The guy in the demo is shown in a full body shot, he looks like a Native American. He was supposed to be the new guy, I think.
-A Blackfire mercenary, mentioned in the trailer, is also seen. Based on the patch on his arm. Some alternate heads has one of those Army of Two masks.
-Some of the storyboard images show the character of the demo fighting a jet. Maybe hinting that the sequel was going to have fighter jets.
-What I think is the most crazy of all is that the series wasn't supposed to be a new IP, but was to be "Desert Strike 2" a sequel to the Desert Strike on the Sega Genesis and Amiga.
Again this is all speculation, except the last part. I'm not going to take the pictures and post it here because it says at the bottom "All personal artwork is copyrighted by Court Chu unless otherwise noted".
EDIT: He changed the link so I changed it too.
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• 1/17/2016


My name is Usernamehere and I'm a big editor of the Just Cause wiki, but I have decided to come over here and help you guys out. I thought I'd introduce myself. I play on PC and have Mercenaries 2 only.
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• 9/29/2015

i miss mercs 2. it was once my faveorite game and still is

mercs 2 is now a dead game. I wish they could atleast get mercs 3 out
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• 1/18/2015

Mercenaries PoD modding videos!

Just finished with editing .ini files from the earliest Merc1 demo on PS2, this is the result, lol:

21:17 Hacking Mercenaries PoD - OPS2M demo
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• 11/15/2014

Best moneymaking strategies in Mercinaries 2?

I really liked doing the Black Market, Warm Heart delivery but now the time is decreased really low 2:00 minutes, and it's hard to do without losing the hearts. Any other ways to make good amounts of money?
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• 11/13/2014

Cheats for Mercinaries 2 XB360 Ed.

Is there a way to get cheats if you don't have the online update? I have read on several websites that the October 2008 update or something is required for cheats, and as I finally bought Mercinaries 2 in the past month for my Xbox, after having it for the PS2 for many years. I am assuming that this update is no longer able to be obtained? Or am I doing something wrong? Anyway, any reply is greatly appreciated.
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• 10/2/2014

Wiki Navigation: Game logos and background

There are some changes I'd like to make to the Wiki navigation; game logos (images) in place of text for the Mercenaries games and a background for the navigation bar. Here's the image I'd like to use for the latter. Both changes would be done by adding the necessary code to MediaWiki:Wikia.css.
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• 10/2/2014

Proposal to enable Wiki Feature: Maps

One of the more recent features available from Wikia is Maps.

"Wikia Maps allows users to create interactive maps for real world places, images, or fictional worlds. Map pins can be added, edited and customized by the community to create a rich mapping experience. These maps can also be embedded in articles or external websites."
I think Maps would be a good feature to enable on the wiki. I'm sure users will find great use for maps of North Korea and Venezuela with important features and locations pinned.
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• 10/3/2014

New Feature: Forum

Greetings fellow mercenaries,
The Mercenaries Wiki now has Wikia's latest forum feature enabled. The forum feature provides the wiki with a central location for discussions about the wiki and anything about Mercenaries. A link to the forum is provided on the top navigation menu under "On the Wiki" for convenience.
Keep an eye on on News and Announcements for... well... News and announcements.
Give admins your input about large changes on the Admin Discussion board.
Start or engage in a talk about anything relating to the wiki at General Discussion.
Got a burning question about the wiki or Mercenaries? Ask it at Questions and Answers.
Want to share something that's just been posted on this wiki, or congratulate somebody for an outstanding contribution? New on Mercenaries Wiki is the place!
Found something cool on the internetz, a funny video, something slightly disturbing or just plain cool? Let everyone know about it here.
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